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Online GL 11 Plus Summative Mock Assessments.

We provide 11+ Mock Exams that give your child much-needed, timed experience of realistic GL-style Maths & English assessments.

What do we do?

We are the leading provider of online formative assessments that replicate GL-style assessments for 11-plus entrance exams.

  • GL 11 Plus Maths Assessments
  • GL 11 Plus English Assessments
  • Online GL 11 Plus Assessments
  • Topic-Based GL 11 Plus Assessments
  • Realistic Timed Assessments
  • Progressive Year 4-5 Assessments

Assessments taken from the comfort of your own home.

GL 11+ Maths and English assessments online.

Timed assessments replicating
GL 11+ standards.

Why are we the right choice?

  • Each question paper is created by experienced Maths and English 11 plus experts who have worked with various 11 plus boards.
  • Our Assessments replicate the GL standards set for 11 plus maths and English.
  • You will receive instant results for each assessment along with detailed, question-by-question breakdown of correct and incorrect answers.
GL 11 Plus English

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Features that will help you on your 11 Plus journey

We think you will love our online mock exams as they replicate the questions and feel of an
actual GL 11 Plus Maths and English exam.

Complete GL Style Exams

We have complete GL-style mock exams prepared by leading Maths and English teachers with experience of 11 plus at a much wider level.

Essential Test Experience

We know how challenging it is to find quality assessments created by experienced teachers with plenty of 11-plus knowledge. As well as this, the challenge to rush around going from one venue to another Mock exam is exhausting. We’ve made these assessments so they are ideal for your child and you.

Timed Practice

All our assessments are timed so you can evaluate where your child is and how much needs to be covered in the time you have.

Marked & With Answers

Not only will you receive an email confirmation as soon as your child completes our assessments, but you will also get to see each question and work on topics the assessment identifies as areas that need extra attention.

Meet Our GL 11 Plus Assessment Team

Author, Maths Consultant, Singapore Maths & Maths Mastery Specialist & Former Headteacher.

Mohi Uddin Ahmed, 11+ Maths Specialist

GL 11 Plus English

Founder of 11 Plus VIP, Former Deputy Headteacher, Assessment coordinator,
KS1 & KS2 teacher.

Farah Diba Khan, 11+ English Specialist

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