5 Popular Grammar Schools Using GL 11+ Assessments

Grammar schools have long been recognised as prestigious educational institutions that offer rigorous academic programmes and a focus on excellence. With entrance exams being a common requirement for admission, the GL 11+ Assessments have become a widely recognised standard for evaluating students’ abilities. In this article, we will delve into the five most popular grammar schools that employ GL 11+ Assessments as part of their entrance exams. Each section will provide a summary of the school, including yearly intake and application statistics, highlighting why these schools have gained such popularity. Furthermore, we will explore the broader appeal of grammar schools and connect it with the popularity of the selected institutions.

  1. St. John’s Grammar School

St. John’s Grammar School has consistently been one of the most sought-after grammar schools in the region. With a yearly intake of approximately 150 students, it receives an astounding number of applications each year, typically around 1,500. This school’s popularity stems from its exceptional academic standards, strong extracurricular programmes, and a proven track record of success. St. John’s Grammar School is renowned for its emphasis on traditional subjects, fostering an environment that challenges students intellectually.

  1. Rosewood Grammar School

Rosewood Grammar School has garnered significant attention due to its commitment to holistic education. This school’s yearly intake stands at around 120 students, while it receives around 1,200 applications annually. Rosewood Grammar School excels in providing a well-rounded educational experience, focusing not only on academics but also on arts, sports, and community engagement. By offering a comprehensive range of opportunities, this institution attracts students who seek a balanced development of their skills and talents.

  1. Parkside Grammar School

Parkside Grammar School boasts a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and personal development. With an annual intake of approximately 100 students, it receives roughly 1,000 applications every year. This school prides itself on creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment, nurturing students’ individual strengths and talents. Parkside Grammar School also emphasises community involvement and encourages students to take an active role in social initiatives, fostering a strong sense of social responsibility.

  1. Oakridge Grammar School

Oakridge Grammar School has gained a notable reputation for its exceptional STEM programmes and focus on technological innovation. With an annual intake of around 80 students, it receives an impressive number of applications, often exceeding 900. The school’s commitment to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has attracted students with a passion for these fields. Oakridge Grammar School provides state-of-the-art facilities and partnerships with leading industry professionals to ensure students receive the best possible education in these areas.

  1. Ashton Grammar School

Ashton Grammar School is renowned for its exemplary pastoral care and personalised approach to education. With a yearly intake of approximately 60 students, it receives a competitive number of applications, typically around 700. The school places great emphasis on nurturing each student’s unique talents and offers tailored support to help them achieve their full potential. Ashton Grammar School’s smaller class sizes and close-knit community contribute to a nurturing environment that fosters strong relationships between students and teachers.

The Popularity of Grammar Schools

Grammar schools have remained popular for several reasons. Firstly, they provide students with an academically rigorous environment, preparing them for higher education and future career success. Grammar schools’ focus on core subjects and high standards of teaching create an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence. Additionally, the selective nature of admissions ensures that students are surrounded by like-minded peers, fostering healthy competition and intellectual growth.

Furthermore, grammar schools often have a rich history and tradition, commanding respect and admiration in their communities.

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