Immerse your child in the ultimate exam preparation experience with our meticulously curated Online Maths Mock Exam. Expertly crafted in the authentic style of the GL 11 Plus exams, this mock examination tool is your child’s ticket to success in the forthcoming academic challenges.

Our online mock exam consists of 50 multiple-choice word problems, designed to mirror the structure and complexity of real GL 11 Plus Maths questions. We’ve captured the essence of the GL-style exam by focusing on a wide range of mathematical areas, ensuring that your child gains familiarity with the format and question variety that can be expected in the actual exam.

The timing of the mock exam has been calibrated precisely to match the time constraints of the real exam, instilling your child with the skills of time management and strategic question approach. The ticking clock will simulate the pressure of a live examination environment, thereby training your child to remain calm and focused.

To provide a comprehensive understanding of your child’s performance, the mock exam comes with automatic marking. This instant feedback mechanism helps identify strengths and weaknesses, offering you and your child a roadmap for targeted revision.

But we don’t stop at just marking. To supplement your child’s learning, we provide comprehensive solutions for each problem post-completion. These detailed explanations not only help students understand their mistakes but also instill the correct methodology for tackling similar questions in the future.

With this online mock exam, you’re not just purchasing a study tool, but investing in a strategic approach to exam success. Watch as your child’s confidence skyrockets and the path to 11 Plus success becomes clearer than ever before.

(Note: Though the online platform is user-friendly and accessible across various devices, we recommend using a desktop PC. Customer support is available for any technical issues.)

Don’t leave your child’s success to chance. Prepare them for the GL 11 Plus Maths paper with the right tools and watch as they conquer their academic goals with ease and confidence.


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GL 11 Plus Maths Mock (PACK 2)

  • Online Mock
  • Timed
  • Gl 11 Plus
  • Retake within 1 month


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